Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pony Tail Weather

As the weather gets warmer, I often find myself wanting to wear my hair up.
The trouble is, when I pull it into a pony tail, I often feel like I look...well, like I just threw my hair up and ran out the door.  I never feel like it looks put-together and sophisticated like the pony tails I see on celebrities.
Ladies Home Journal had this slide show of polished up-do's on their site today and I thought I would share!

Polished Ponytail

First things first: for a sleek pony, it's best to start with a smooth blowout and center part.
Tease the crown to give hair volume and create a sexy Brigitte Bardot bump.
Leave a strand out of your ponytail to wrap around the hair elastic.
Extra-chic final touch: Cinch the ends with an elastic and loop under, anchoring with hairpins.

Jennifer Aniston

Bump It Up

A little extra height on the top gives your ponytail a sophisticated feel. Pull out a few pieces to frame your face. Hey, if it works for Jennifer Aniston...

Fishtail Braid

Internet Famous Style

Don't be afraid to experiment with more technical creations. Search YouTube (type in "cute ponytails") to find instructional videos.

Low Pony tail

Everything in Place

What makes this low ponytail extra special? Her part is deep, her hair covers her ears, and the tail is placed on the nape of the neck. (Oh, fab earrings help, too.)

Side Pontail

Take Sides

If you haven't worn a side ponytail since 1987, please listen up: You've got to keep it low and flat against your neck to avoid the cheesy cheerleader effect.

High Ponytail

Age-Defying Tail

A high ponytail can make you look younger (well, at least for a few hours). Pull it tight and your eyes, forehead, and cheeks get a teensy bit of a lift.

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