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Cellulite Diet

Cellulite Diet
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There are many reasons that cellulite may begin to appear. In order to conquer this unsightly issue we must begin by discovering the reasons that are specific to your body. Read the following list to determine which reasons are the cause for the cellulite you have. The Types are water based cellulite, fatty diet related cellulite, and sugar related cellulite.

Excessive Water Storage
It is typical for water based cellulite to;
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* Be situated on hips and buttocks
* Found in conjunction with varicose veins
* Be the first stage of cellulite appearance, typically this type is seen during the first year.
* Be found in conjunction with stretch marks on the hips and legs.

It is common for a woman’s body to store excess water due to hormonal issues and varicose veins. The way to combat this issue is reduce food consumption that may lead to over-storage of water. These foods include salt, milk casein (protein), and any food you may be allergic too. In order to correct this problem begin to consume more types of food which contain the vitamins E, C, K, and P.

It is also recommended that you ingest more flavonoids and proteins in order to regulate the transmissive capacity of your blood vessels. This improves their flexibility and will reduce the chances for hyopstasis to occur.

The best way to change your diet to meet these criteria will be to consume many types of vegetables. The vegetables that come the most highly recommended are peppers, cabbage, and tomatoes. Other food items to consider are cereal sprouts, legumes, wild rice, and various fruits or nuts. If fruits and vegetables are expensive in your area or you simply must be a carnivore, consider eating fish such as salmon. You may also consume mussels, veal, and eggs.

However, you must drastically reduce consumption of salt, pork, cheese, yogurt, cottage, cheese, and any food with a high level of starch. It is also suggested that you reduce consumption of whole milk, sausage, smoked foods, red meat, white bread, sweets, and fried food. Semi-prepared food may also be an issue on occasion.

Excessive Fat Intake
You may have cellulite related to excessive fat intake if;
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* It is situated mostly on buttocks
* It appears when you have never been very slim or skinny
* It appears due to your weight undergoing a yo-yo effect
* You feel hypostasis in your legs during evening hours
* Your cellulite is old, meaning that it appeared more than 5 years ago
* You have what are commonly known as fat folds on your sides
* You like salty food and prefer to eat in the evenings

Fat is like your reserve fuel supply. Fat is created by consuming more calories than your body expends throughout the day. These excess calories are converted to fuel for later usage. The best way to combat fat storage is to reduce caloric consumption and exercise more. Do this while maintaining a healthy nutrient rich diet.

Reduction of fatty foods such as butter is important as well. Try to eat more fresh food that does not need to be prepared, such as fruits or vegetables. High protein diets that lack excessive fat are good meat based choices as well. Fish, some types of meat, and eggs are good for this. White meat, fat free pork, rabbit, and tuna or sardines are good choices. In small amounts it is a good idea to consume cottage cheese and yogurt. However, you should strictly limit animal fats or butter. Cut down on the consumption of food items such as mutton, beef, regular cheese, white bread, and sweets.

Excessive Sugar
Your cellulite may be caused by excessive sugar intake if the following items are true;
* Your cellulite is situated on the hips, buttocks, and belly
* If cellulite is typical for women in your family
* You are slowly gaining weight
* Your cellulite appeared between 1 to 5 years ago
* You consume a lot of fatty, salty, and sweet foods
* You often wake up to eat in the middle of the night
* You do not get enough exercise
* You eat more than you need when you are tired
The ‘orange peel’ effect that most people attribute to cellulite is caused by collagen fibers moving closer together. This action compresses fat cells causing deformation. One of the primary reasons for the loss of collagen flexibility is excessive sugar intake.

Reduce your sugar intake in both the processed and hidden varieties. Food products that add sugar are the obvious culprits. However, even healthy foods such as yogurt and fruit consumed after 6 P.M. can be problematic.

Limit your consumption of potatoes, corn, vegetable oil, ice cream, and fruit drinks. Increase your intake of eggs, white fish, spinach, and any food source loaded with antioxidants. The vitamins E and C should be a major influence on your diet. The nutrients carotene, selenium, and zinc are also helpful for combating cellulite spread or growth.

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