Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mom vs. Grandma

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I saw this on Pinterest and immediately thought of my Mom.  My son is 15 and completely concerned with maintaining his "cool guy" image, yet he still wants to go spend the night, or even the weekend, with his Nana.  I guess kids never really grow out of that need to be spoiled by their Grandmothers.  My daughter is 2 and I believe Nana's house is her favorite place to be.  She knows she can get away with ANYTHING there.  She has come to expect a dessert of some kind with each meal we have there and prefers to eat it sitting in the center of the kitchen table.  I'm amazed, sometimes, at the things my own mother, the same mother who raised me and set rules and upheld the consequences, will now let her grandchildren get away with.  But then I think of the relationship I had with my own grandmothers and realize how much being spoiled by them meant to me.  I guess all kids need a place where they can do no wrong and where they can feel nothing but love.  Mothers have to worry and plan and try to create responsibility and maturity and all that is involved with raising their children.  Grandmothers don't have to concern themselves with all of that.  They just have to love with all they have. 

Thanks to my Mom for being such an amazing Nana to my children!

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