Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Bachelorette: Here's What!

The Bachelorette: Meet Emily Maynard's 25 Sexy Suitors

Well I watched, like I said I would.  I still think the premise is pretty unrealistic, but I do see the intrigue and understand why people watch.  Emily Maynard is a likable bachelorette and seems to be pretty down to earth.  Which is why I don't understand why she tried to find love on a reality TV show...twice!!!  But, hey, to each her own.  There did seem to be some pretty interesting guys vying for her attention.  So the verdict is, I'll watch again.  I'm not sure this will be one of those shows I rush home to catch, or record on the DVR.  But I will definitely watch again next week to see what happens.

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