Friday, October 12, 2012

Skeleton Cupcakes

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While searching the Internet for ideas I can use at my upcoming Halloween party, I found these cupcakes on several websites.  I originally saw them on Pinterest, and followed them to  There, I found out that she got the idea from Woman's Day.  I'm including all links because I certainly don't want to take credit for an idea that wasn't mine, but I felt like I had to include them in my own blog because they are just too cute! 
Here’s how to do it…
First bake some cupcakes. I used sprinkles on mine because I’m addicted to sprinkles. If you don’t share this addiction you can leave them off.
Next, assemble your supplies…
-white chocolate covered pretzels
-large marshmallows
-lollipop sticks
-food writer (or black icing)
also reserve a little extra frosting…you’ll see why in a minute.
Cut an inch or so off the stick so it’s not so long.
Flatten your marshmallow slightly
Carefully press your stick into the flattened marshmallow
Next using your food writer or black frosting make a skeleton face…
Now you need to make his bones…
Slide on the pretzels. Here’s where your extra frosting helps. It holds the pretzels in place.
Now stick your arm-less skeleton into your cupcake.
So, he needs some arms…
Cut the top of some extra pretzels off. Do this carefully, otherwise the pretzels break. Trust me. I had to eat A LOT of pretzel casualties.
Now, with some more frosting carefully attach the arms.
Your skeleton has come to life…
Aren’t they adorable??

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