Thursday, October 25, 2012

Candy Corn Oreo Truffles

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You guys know how much I love Oreo truffles.  In fact, when I make them, I always have to double my recipe because between my children, my hubby, and myself, we eat as many during the preparation process as we make!  When I first saw this recipe at, my first question was "How does she make them orange?".  When I continued to read, I found the answer:

According to Chelsea at, these Candy Corn Oreos (sold exclusively at Target) don't necessarily taste like Candy Corn. She says they taste more like golden Oreos and when they are in truffle form, they taste like cake batter.  Who doesn't like cake batter? 
 And they aren't necessarily this orange, either.  A few drops or orange food coloring (or a mix of red and yellow) should be added to get the vibrant orange shown in the pictures.  Chelsea suggests adding it to the cream cheese before you mix the cheese with the cookie crumbs. 
If you can't get your hands on the Candy Corn Oreos, don't fret!  You can use the Golden Oreos and just add extra food coloring. 

Note: I've had multiple people ask how I crush the Oreos into such fine crumbs. The answer?
I use a food processor. 
It crushes the crumbs to the fine consistency that makes the perfect truffle. 
Another hint:
I refrigerate the oreo balls for about 30 minutes to an hour before I dip them in chocolate.  This helps them maintain their shape.


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