Friday, December 7, 2012

Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees

Please… PLEASE… pleeeeease tell me that I’m not the ONLY one that has Christmas FEVER!
Thank you so much to Desiree at
for this too-cute Christmas cheer! 
 Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees…
Are they FUN or what?!
{You are more than welcome to start singing Christmas Carols now }
This is such an easy and affordable project.
It is perfect to make them as a family or with girl friends on a cold Christmas Evening…
All you need is 12×12 Cardstock, Cupcake Liners, and Tape.
First of all make the cones with your cardstock.
Tape the ends well so the cones hold their shape. Then cut the excess of the bottom so they can stand straight.
The amount that you cut will determine the size of your tree.
This next step is when Miss Fun joins the party.
Cut the center of your cupcake liners.
All you want is the ruffle part…
After you are done start taping the ruffles from the bottom to the top.
You many need to use multiple ruffles for one layer of the tree.
Don’t even worry about it… It will look GREAT at the end!
Before you reach the top cover the tip of the tree with one of the centers of the liners.
After it is taped and secured finish the last ruffle layer… and guess what?
As I was working on this project I thought it would be adorable to give cupcakes instead of cookies this year to all of my neighbors.
You could make a sweet little card with the liners as well!

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