Friday, January 27, 2012

Product Praise

Keratin Complex Infusion Replenisher was recommended by my hairdresser when I told her that I was concerned about the health of my hair.  She told me to try the Keratin Complex and just see what I thought.  It only takes a tiny squirt every day to get AMAZING results!  I run it evenly through wet hair before I blow dry and, even though I have naturally wavy hair, I have minimal need for a flattening iron.  It literally straightens my hair for me!  Not only that, but I can see a tremendous change in the health of my hair.  It's smoother, has less split ends and fewer fly-aways.  Apparently, the Keratin Complex opens up the follicle of your hair, rather than sits on top, so that the Keratin can penetrate your hair.  The heat of your blow dryer or hot iron seals that follicle back up, trapping the Keratin inside the follicle.  After only two weeks I could see such a difference.  It's around $40 and I got mine at the salon.  Money well spent!

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