Thursday, January 26, 2012

January Bunco

I have to say, I LOVE my Bunco group.  They are fifteen of the most fabulous ladies I know.  Some of them are family, some are friends, some are co-workers.  Some are mothers, some are teachers, some are young and some are...well, not as young. 

About a year ago, my Aunt Deb came to me and asked me if I had heard of Bunco.  I had because I had sat in as a sub on a Bunco game before, but wasn't a part of the original group.  Deb told me that she thought it would be fun and asked if I knew any ladies who might be interested.  I put the word out the next day and the group came together.  That was in January 2011 and we have gotten together every month ever since.  Each month has its own theme and this months theme was "Black and White".  I was the host at my home. 

I wish I had more pictures of the decor.  I had glass jars filled with black and white Sixlet candies, black and white foil wrapped hearts, and black and white (but not licorice flavored) candy stix, all from Michaels Craft Store.  I had a bowl of black olives, white grapes, and white cheese cubes.  I made oreo balls dipped in white chocolate.  The show-stopper, though, was this cake:

Pinned Image

This is a recipe I found on Pinterest and it's from

This was unbelievable cake, y'all.  It was actually pretty easy and was moist and light.  The look of the cake was elegant.  My girls thought I had spent all day on it. 

The night was a hit.  We had so much fun.  I can't wait till next month.

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