Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I can't believe the holidays are over and it's 2013!  Our Christmas was amazing, our trip to Disney World was everything I hoped it would be, and now it's back to the ol' day to day.  I always feel a little bit of a let down after New Year's Day.  My house is decorated from the beginning of October (for Halloween) through New Year's Day (Christmas) and when we take all of it down, it just seems so bare.  All of the hype and excitement is over.  There is no shopping to do, no family gatherings to prepare for, no holiday parties to attend...

I know what you're thinking.  Some people are glad it's over!  Some people are ready to end the hustle and bustle and get back to normal, less hectic days.  Not me. 

So, even though it's January 7th, I'm still contemplating my News Years Resolutions.  I know one is my old stand-by, the same resolution I make every year: Eat healthier and exercise more.  I'm not sure about the others.  I like to go with three, and I'm still working on my other two.

Did you make any resolutions?  What are they?

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